Apolide X  30x15cm ca., glazed terracotta  2018

installation view ConNTACT @ Haunt Berlin 2020
Photo  ©  Mirjana Vrbaski


installation view ConNTACT @ Haunt Berlin 2020
Photo © Alana Lake

Apolide II to VIIII 30x15 cm ca each, glazed terracotta  2018

Apolide I 30x15cm ca , glazed terracotta  2018
Permanent istallation on Germanikou , Athens

Apolidi (Seria)
Glazed terracotta
30x15cm each
Apolide means Stateless and it was used in antiquity to name those that didn't appertain to any of the "state-cities" . The tiles refer to the actuality of this social dynamic. The structures and narratives of the tiles come from objects and surfaces ,found site specifically ,which have been pressed into the clay .Thereby a new figuration or compositions is achieved.
The tiles, were installed on/into the urban context. The placing of the tiles is a part of the project that works trough the collaboration with institutions , buissnesses and private owners which agree to host the tiles in their spaces.