Delphoi   156x109cm, frottage, mixed media on canvas  2018

Untitled(Pandora´s vase) 200x140cm, frottage,mix media on canvas  2019 

Untitled (birds) , Untitled (pigs)  29x21cm each, frottage,mixed media on paper   2020

View CoNTACT @ Haunt Berlin 2020 -  Photo© Mirjana Vrbaski

Untitled (water in my heart) 200x140cm  frottage, mix media on canvas 2019

Untitled (Alti e Bassi)  170x130cm,frottage, mixed media on canvas  2019


Frottage I , Frottage II  170x120cm each , charcoal on canvas  2018

Untitled (Transit) 170x120cm frottage,mix media on canvas  2020


Untiltled (meute) , Untitled (weight) , Unititled (stufa)  29x21cm each, frottage, mixed media on paper  2020

Frottage III, IV, V, VI  170x120cm each  charcoal on paper  2019

Frottage Works

My work is mined by the interest for social as well as purely formal structures.
I am intrested in traces and structueres,proportions that we (with our bodies and for our bodies) build and use, in architecture, design and much more. I´m re-embarking and researching about the techniques of frottage and its meaning as an action.

The recent body of work sees corporeality as the protagonist of the process as well as of the perception of art. CORPO-reality, replaces and expands the concept of body, understanding it as an imaginary and malleable matter, a sensitive web with a constant impulse, inseparable from an individual and collective memory.